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Edmund Aquatics was incorporated in 2020 with a vision to raise awareness of the betta keeping hobby. Our goal is to transform the community’s perception of rearing bettas and to empower hobbyists with knowledge related to fish keeping.

Edmund has a passion for aquarium fishes from a young age. He had worked in farms and aquariums to expand his knowledge on fish keeping. He furthered his passion by applying for the International Betta Congress membership and training courses. Subsequently, he was certified in 2018 as an official betta judge. Since then, he has judged a number of betta shows in countries such as Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.


Southern Betta Sunday

Was a judge at Southern Betta League that was organised by Johor Betta Club, one of the bigger clubs in Malaysia.

AOC Betta Farm Championship

Invited to be a judge at AOC Betta Farm Championship that was organised by Ting Betta, Chris, Rocky and Wesley Tan. They are few of the most famous breeders of Bettas in Malaysia.

National Betta Competition

Was a judge at the 13th and 14th National Betta Competition in 2019 and 2022. These two shows are organized by Betta Club Singapore. They are the longest standing club for bettas in Singapore.

The Betta Collaboration

Judge for The Betta Collaboration Show.
Judges Appreciation trophy is from the final show for The Betta Collaboration league. It was held alongside with Pet Expo in November 2022.

Ryujin Show 2019

Invited to be a judge for Ryujin Show 2019.

Taiwan Betta Show

Division Champion for Shortfin Singletail in 1st Taiwan Betta Show, organised by Taiwan Betta Club.

Halfmoon Open Category

1st Placing for Halfmoon Open Category. This show is organised by government officials in Thailand and the trophy is presented by someone from the Royal Family. It is a very exclusive trophy that is recognised by everyone in Thailand.

Golden Participant

Golden Participant in a show organised by Emirates Betta Club, held in Dubai. Winning the most awards by a single individual for this show, will win this trophy.

International Betta Competition

Aquarama Certficate for our own selfbreed fishes that won 1st, 2nd and 3rd for the same category.

Japan Betta Contest 2019

1st Placing certificates from Japan Betta Contest in 2019, organised by Japan Betta Fellow and Bettashop Fortune.

Japan Betta Contest 2018

1st Placing certificates from Japan Betta Contest in 2018, organised by Japan Betta Fellow and Bettashop Fortune.


Friendly and nice shop. Good competition grade betta!

– Peter Tan

Good quality betta with friendly owner.

– Carol Lim

Great quality and healthy bettas. Approachable and knowledgeable boss. Gave good advice for treating a sick betta (wasn’t bought from him)

– Yap Jianjie